University of Trieste

University Colleges and Facilities
(Trieste, Italy)

The University of Trieste is composed of 12 faculties, Architecture, Economics, Pharmacy, Jurisprudence, Philosophy, Engineering, Psychology, Medicine, Political Science and Maths.

University of Trieste: Faculty of Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture offers a five year curriculum which is divided into two parts. The first three years are is dedicated to general education while the remaining two years for specialisation.

Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics is composed of seven departments which are the Departments of Business, Statistics, Mathematics, Geography, Legal Services, Languages and Merceologica.

Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy aims to teach its students the proper methods of drug appraisal, planning and production.


The Faculty of Jurisprudence offers courses such as Public Administration, European and International Studies, Constitutional Studies and Jurisprudence.

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering provides various courses that allow the students to learn about various fields of engineering such as Civil Engineering, Naval Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, among others.

Faculty of Letters and Philosophy

The Faculty of Letters and Philosophy's curriculum is divided into two segments. The first level is focused on general studies such as philosophy, letters, and history. The other half of the curriculum is focused on specialisation.

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery teaches its students a full course in medical practices and surgery according to international standards.

Faculty of Psychology

The Faculty of Psychology was founded in 1990. It teaches each student the key methods and ideals of psychology such as psycho-analysis.

Faculty of Political Science

The Faculty of Political Science teaches its students various political theories.

Faculty of Physical and Natural Mathematical Sciences

The Faculty of Physical and Natural Mathematical Sciences is composed of the Department of Biology; Department of Biochemistry; Department of Biophysics and Chemistry of Macromolecole; Department of Astronomy; Department of Physics; Department of Theoretical Physics; Department of Physiology and Pathology; Department of Sciences Chemistries; Department of Sciences of the Earth; Department of Geologic Sciences, Acclimitises them and Marine; and Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Faculty of Sciences of the Formation

The Faculty of Sciences of the Formation offers a wide programme dedicated to social service such as Communication Science.

Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators

The Advanced School of Modern languages for Interpreters and Translators offers courses that focus on translating various languages such as German, French, and English.

Trieste University

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