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About Trieste, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Trieste, Italy)

The city of Trieste has a rich and lush history. The first residents of the city were said to be cave dwellers called the castellieri. The area was then conquered by the Romans in 52 BC. The city was able to flourish under the Empire and became one of the best places to find Ancient Roman architecture. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the city was colonised by various tribes such as the Goths, Longoboards and the French.

What to do in Trieste

People will not get bored in Trieste. It is a modern city dotted with entertainment, sports, and historical establishments. Around the city, students will easily find theatres and cinemas, sports establishments, bathing areas and history rich museums, among other facilities found in a top class city. Its famous museums hold a rich collection of ancient art, archaeological finds, and sculptures that date back to the Roman Empire. The city also holds various sporting events that help promote physical and health wellness and community bonding among its citizens. Tourists, students, and residents can also watch live music acts in the city's various clubs and bars.

Tourist Attractions

Trieste is a small city known for its Venetian as well as Friulan dishes and tourist attractions. Jota, gnochi, brodetto de pesce are some of its famous dishes. Trieste is also home to the Victory Lighthouse, San Giusto, Grotta Gigante, Tram di Opicina, Miramar and a lot of other special places.

Miramar is a very romantic spot in Trieste. Here lovers can enjoy swan-watching from its two ponds, or gazing at its garden planted with lotus flowers. Miramar castle also has a small but historically significant chapel and bronze sculptures.

Trieste is also known for its beautiful parks, one of which is Foiba di Basovizza, a park that contains a monument to citizens who were killed by communists. The monument has become a national symbol.

Devout Catholics may be interested in visiting Sant' Antonio Nuovo, the largest Catholic church in Trieste. The church is over 100 years old and contains various artworks by artists such as Ernesto Tunner and Lodivico Lipparini.

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