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The University of Trieste is situated in Italy's Trieste, also known as the town of science because it is home to world famous scientific research centres. The university was founded 80 years ago, making it one of the youngest universities in Italy. Its main building in Trieste, Italy began construction in 1938 and was designed by Umberto Nordio, a famous Italian architect.

The same building still stands and is found in Piazzale Europa, which houses a number of offices and faculties. Today, the university is composed of 12 faculties and has a student population of 27,000. It continues to grow as an academic institution. In 1998, it had established two more faculties, the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Psychology.


The University has about 11 libraries, which not only contain a wide selection of books but also utilize an advanced electronic, computerized card catalog system called OPAC. These libraries are the following:
  • General Library
  • Medicine library
  • Library Center of Gorizia
  • Field BIBL. Sc. Sup. di Lingue Mod. Int. and Trad.
  • Legal Field Library
  • Psychological Field Library
  • Field Library Economy
  • Field Library Philosophy and Languages
  • Field Library Sciences of the Formation
  • Field Socio-Politico Library
  • Field Technical-Scientific Library

Student applicants from abroad may go to for more details about requirements and deadlines for applications.

Contact University of Trieste:
Address: Pizzale Europa, Trieste, 1 I-34127, Trieste, Italy
Tel: +39 040 558 7111
Trieste University

Trieste University

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